Mining is simple
How to make cryptocurrency yourself?
What is mining?
Mining, if simple and essentially, is the process of generating the chosen cryptocurrency. Or several cryptocurrencies - if your chosen mining device is designed for this.
In the process of mining, specialized computer equipment connected to the Internet, with the help of software installed on it, makes complex mathematical calculations according to the algorithm specified by a specific cryptocurrency.
The execution of this algorithm on a large number of mining farms distributed around the world provides cryptocurrencies with their main advantages over ordinary money: reliability (protection against hackers), decentralization, speed
transactions within the network and the impossibility of counterfeiting.
"Since 1971, after the abandonment of the gold standard, the dollar is a debt obligation that is guaranteed by the US government, but in fact, if all the owners of the obligations immediately demand to settle with them in gold or real goods, the settlement will be impossible.
Conclusion - the dollar is the same currency as crypto, only unlike it, the dollar can be printed in unlimited quantities or counterfeited, which constantly devalues it"
What is a "miner" or "farm"?
One of the meanings of the word "miner" is the equipment that generates cryptocurrency. Then
is - a specific device designed for one purpose - to make calculations.
A synonym of this word are the words "farm" or "rig", which mean the same thing. The words are different
- the essence is one.
Today there are two types of farms - an ASIC miner or a GPU miner.
ASIC miners are specially designed and factory-built equipment,
designed to work on a specific - most often one algorithm.
Thus, if you want to buy an ASIC miner, it is important to pay attention to the choice
GPU miner is a complex of computer hardware and specially configured
software, calculations in which perform powerful video cards.
Today, according to our estimates, about _____ farms are already operating in the world
The second meaning of the word "miner" is a profession. In other words, this is a person who
engages in cryptocurrency mining. That is, he owns one or more
"farms"/"rigs", serves their work - adjusts, monitors the working temperature,
solves technical problems that arise during the operation of farms.
For our company, the word "miner" has even a little more meaning.
Being a miner means being a carrier of a certain ideology and leading a certain way of life. After all, if you have a farm and you know how to do your support work qualitatively so that the miner works stably - then you earn money even when you sleep - the farm works like a bee and brings cryptocurrencies,
which are growing very actively.
Therefore, for us, being a miner means being free, smart, active, valuing your time and confidently looking to the future.
Who pays the miners?
In theory, miners receive 2 types of rewards.
The first is the reward for the next block as payment for your contribution to the common
computing power of the network. In essence, this is a reward for the calculations made by the miner.
To simplify - this reward is distributed proportionally among all
miners in the network.
The second is a commission for those money transfers within the cryptocurrency network that I serviced
miner. In fact, large miners are received in this form by people who use them
cryptocurrencies - this part of the reward is paid to miners.
However, this type of reward goes to the big miners and the pools they join
"small" miners to receive the first type of reward more often.
That is, in practice - miners with a small computing power receive only the first
the type of reward, which, depending on the selected farm, is in dollars
the equivalent today of 150 to 800 USD net profit per month.
In all calculations presented on our website, we take into account only real income on
based on our experience and calculation formulas that are sewn into the cryptocurrency code.
How to become a miner and start earning?
Everything is very simple here. Like everything brilliant.
If you want to become a miner and start earning, all you need to do is choose and
buy mining equipment, install it in a clean (and preferably well-ventilated) room, connect it to the Internet, plug it into an outlet and enjoy the process of earning cryptocurrency coins.
All that remains is to exchange cryptocurrency for familiar and more familiar ones
money to us and gladly dispose of it the way you want.
Is mining profitable now?
The answer is "Yes, profitable."
Today, if you invest any amount of money in the purchase of a miner, you will earn from 140% to 190% per month, depending on the selected equipment and cryptocurrency. It may sound "fabulous" - but it is true. We live in a world of change. And now cryptocurrencies are the newest technology that such companies have already paid attention to
like Microsoft, Amazon...
Such profitability is if you withdraw once a month (or more often - at your choice).
cryptocurrency into money. If you decide not to withdraw immediately and keep the cryptocurrency with you in order to sell it later at a higher price, then your total profit can be 2-3 times or more of these figures in a year.
You may hear or read online that "mining is no longer profitable", "mining is dead", etc.
This is an outright lie.
In our opinion, this information is spread by those miners who are fundamentally not
understand the idea of cryptocurrency and think that if you buy a miner, then they will
get less money.
In fact, everything is exactly the opposite.
Real miners know this and therefore confidently invest in equipment.
The logic is simple - the more invested in mining, the higher the value of cryptocurrency. Yes, over time, more and more computing power is required to obtain one unit of cryptocurrency (this is called "mining complexity"), but this effect is offset by the growth of the cryptocurrency's value.
What are the prospects for mining in the future?
We cannot give you an exact answer to this question. We are not visionaries. But we can
qualitatively collect and analyze information.
Over the past year, the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased fivefold.
To date, there are about 10 million active users of cryptocurrencies in the world. As you can see, the potential for growth is huge.
In Japan, when people open an account in banks, next to the Japanese yen, dollar, euro,
open a Bitcoin and Ripple account.
Microsoft, Amazon started accepting bitcoins as a currency for payments.
In Ukraine, the launch of the blockchain system is planned for the 4th quarter of 2017.
Our opinion is that mining and cryptocurrencies are a train that has already started for the future and started
gain momentum. The only question is - are you aware of it or not? And if you do, what are you doing to avoid biting elbows in the future? Are you watching a train that has already started and is gaining momentum? Do you jump in and take your place in it?
If you choose the second option and want to start earning in a new way for implementation
of your future goals - our team will gladly help you make mining comfortable and
It's up to you to inform us of your interest, and everything else is up to us.
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