TURNKEY MINING INVESTMENTS — ROI from 24% per hour in USD and equipment in your ownership
If you are on this page, then you have either already invested money in mining, or you are still considering this opportunity. In any case, we are happy and grateful that you visited our site! On this page, we will try very briefly to give you an idea of whether investing in mining is profitable as a business project and as a way to increase capital
Where can you invest money profitably?
We are sure that you have already heard and, perhaps, based on your personal experience, you know about dozens of options for investing your money. All of them differ in one way or another in the level of profit (ROI in % per month/hour) and risks — all parameters, one way or another, ultimately boil down to these numbers. Therefore, we simply offer you to look at the average realistic figures for investments in the most popular assets together.
Why and why invest in cryptocurrencies and mining?
As you can see, cryptocurrency mining looks very decent compared to the most popular key types of investments. Why so? There are some fundamental economic reasons for this, which differ in each cryptocurrency. When talking about Bitcoin, its nature is a deflationary model that is implemented and protected by the code and consensus of millions of devices working around the world. Every 4 years, a "halving" occurs in the Bitcoin network = a 2-fold reduction in the reward to miners for 1 generated block. The halving conditions are clearly written in the blockchain and have not changed since the creation of Bitcoin. Thus, it is logical that at the same cost of electricity, the cost of 1 coin will increase in one way or another (since electricity in the world is not particularly cheap). And naturally, you will not want to sell your hard-earned Bitcoin below the cost of mining (below is the graph of the dependence of the exchange rate on the average cost of mining). Thus, taking into account the halving and taking into account the increase in complexity, it becomes more and more difficult to mine coins, which is expressed in the fact that every year there are fewer and fewer coins per unit of time for 1Th/s. AND IT'S WONDERFUL! Because the demand for bitcoin as a method of safe transfers of money between countries in almost any amount, and as a means of investment — over time, for 10 years now, is only growing. And at the same time, Bitcoin still hasn't reached its full potential - after all, according to the most optimistic estimates, only about 1% of people in the world own Bitcoin in the amount of more than $1. WHAT TYPICALLY HAPPENS IN THE LONG TERM WITH A RESOURCE THAT EVERYONE WANTS, THAT IS HARD TO GET NOW AND IS GUARANTEED TO BE EVEN HARDER TO GET IN THE FUTURE? :) He is growing. A striking example is gold. That is why bitcoin is also called "Digital gold" - the gold of the new digital world.
How can you earn money on cryptocurrencies with BeeMiner?
Cryptocurrencies are a fairly broad field that is very promising and in which there are still many opportunities for earning money and increasing your own capital. That is why it still remains quite risky compared to "classical" areas of investment, but you and I know that risk and profit are interrelated concepts, right? It is important that the business does not turn into a game of chance and that the risks can be managed - for this, the competences gained in the process of experience and resources are needed - and then it is possible to implement a profitable project with an acceptable level of risk for you. In short, it is possible to distinguish 4 main ways of generating profit in the field of cryptocurrencies, which differ in their characteristics
Investments in Trading
Investments in Mining
Complex investments in cryptocurrencies (mining+trading)
Risk level
Possession of a physical object
Return on investment, average ROI per hour, %
from 15% to 60% depending on the selected risk level
from 24% to 48%
from 25% to 60%
The minimum possible amount of investment to start
1000 USD
от 100 USD*
от 10 000 USD
The minimum recommended investment amount at the start
10 000 USD
5000 USD**
50 000 USD
Time to develop competencies to the level of a professional in the market, minimum
3 years
2 years
5 years
* in the case of cloud mining
**recommended minimum amount to start if you mine on your own
Why, with the right approach, is mining the lowest-risk type of investment?
Mining is the extraction of digital gold. Have you heard about the bankruptcies of large gold mining companies? With a properly organized mining project with correctly selected partners, contractors and the main important input parameters, mining is your stable source of conditional passive income that requires minimal effort to maintain its functioning.
How can I start mining?
There are many different types of mining, which differ in risks, the amount of investment, the degree of control over the project and the competencies that are necessary for a successful start
Cloud mining
Complex investments in turnkey mining
Project risks (total)
Minimal investments at the start
200 USD**
10 000 USD*
5000 USD*
Owned equipment
Project launch date
from 1 to 10 days***
from 3 to 30 days***
from 3 to 30 days***
* this amount varies based on the selected equipment, conditions for payment of electricity. We recommend investing only in the latest generation equipment
*** the term depends on the amount of investment and the selected project implementation option
How much can you earn from mining in 2020?
Investing in mining, it is important to understand that there is a real and hypothetical profitability of mining. Mining calculators can and do show you profitability "at the moment" taking into account the current parameters of the network, that is, "hypothetical" profitability. These parameters change every second, as they depend on the hash rate of the network (the total number of connected devices) and the exchange rate of the selected cryptocurrency. Today, the planned ROI (Return-On-Investments = "return on investment") of a mining project at a hosting cost of 0.05 USD/kW and a project calculation for 2 years is on modern ASIC miners — from 32% to 216%, on video cards from 55% to 281% - and it depends on the specific model of the chip or card.
Below is a detailed yield table:
No expert knows the real future profitability. Based on experience, we can say that it is useful to calculate mining projects for a period of 2 years with a target profit of 24% per year in US dollars. This is the "minimum" you can count on if you have done everything correctly and do not use a strategy to increase profits through trading. In the "mining" + "trading" complex, it is possible to achieve significantly better ROI results
What is "Turnkey Investments in Mining"?
This is a turnkey service for the development and implementation of a mining project at your request and its further implementation: starting with the selection of a country for the placement of devices, designing and building a mining center, ending with the delivery of devices from China, its installation and mining settings at your expense. In our opinion, this is the best option for you if you are a medium and large investor who is considering the opportunity to start investing and earning in the mining business, and at the same time you value your time. In 4 years, we have filled all the possible cones in mining and are ready to invest our experience in our common project, saturating it with competencies for the sake of success and the overall result in the form of net profit. At the same time, in this service, you personally control your equipment, independently control the project implementation process at each stage and receive rewards for your wallet.
Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Mining are our business love, which is already 4 years old. We are engaged in mining primarily because we believe in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and fully share the principle of Proof-Of-Work — getting a reward for the work done. Also, we firmly believe that reasonable decentralization is air for the BETTER future of humanity. And perhaps the only chance for thinking people to leave the "island of freedom" to live and prosper in a post-apocalyptic world after the Great COVID-19 Phaecodemia
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