How to calculate the profitability of the device
1. Profitability calculators
2. Independent calculation

To make a decision to buy a device, it is very important to evaluate profitability.
It is globally affected by:
The value of the currency it will hold (changes constantly).
Network Complexity - reflects the total computing power of the network and as a result the contribution of your device to finding a block (changes constantly).
Electricity (stable).
So, a simple option for calculating profitability is to use online profitability calculators, for example, Whattomine or Coinwarz. To do this, you will need to enter data about the hash rate of the device, the cost of electricity, equipment and the percentage of the pool commission. However, if you want to be sure of the accuracy of the calculations and do not trust third-party services, below is a manual for independent calculation of profitability.
For calculation, there is the following calculation formula for Dash:

I = (t * R * H) / (D * 2 ^ 32)

I - income in dash units for a found block
t is the block's time in seconds (day = 86400);
R - payment for the block in coins
H - hashrate per second (for example, 1GHz = 1000000000);
D – complexity (multiply the received number of coins by the current exchange rate);
Calculation example:
R - block reward in coins is 3.6, but 50% goes to the masternode (applicable only for Dash currency) 50% to the miner, that is - 1.8.
H is hash rate per second, for iBelink 10.8 GH/s it is 10800000000.
D - the difficulty is recalculated after each block, so you can take the last or the average for the last time.
We take the last one here

Calculation example
(86400 * 1.8 * 10800000000) / (530916.610 * 2 ^ 32) = 0.73659 coins per day
0.73659 * 30 = 22.0977 coins per month
22.0977 * $194 = $4286.95 per month
In addition to the current calculation of profitability, it is very important to assess the perspective of the profitability of the device in the future. How we predict the prospects of the equipment, read in the next article)
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